PUZZLE: Took One Man 30 Minutes to Find The Circle; Can You Beat Him?

We all love (or hate) a good internet brainteaser. These images stretch our eyes and minds in ways we never thought possible.

Sometimes these images are rather easy to figure out, but other times the images present a rather difficult problem. One recent brainteaser found on Facebook is leaving internet users puzzled and frustrated (until they figure it out, of course).

The Mirror reports that this particular brainteaser, one with a combination of horizontal and vertical lines, contains clearly visible rectangles, but hidden in the puzzle are 16 circles.

At first, I was completely baffled by this image. How can anyone find circles in this collage of straight lines? I was not the only one.

Nicholas J Johnson, an Australian author and entertainer, shared the image on his Facebook page and confessed it took him 30 minutes to see through the rectangles and spot the circles.

It can be done and once you see them, you won’t be able to unsee them…

It literally took him 30 minutes to find the circles!

Take a look for yourself:

Can you see where they are? If not here’s a hint…

Focus on the vertical lines between the rectangles. There are a total of 16 circles in the image. Focus on those vertical lines, follow them up and down, side to side, and eventually the circles will come into focus.

How long did it take you see figure this one out?

Source: thefederalistpapers.org

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