Pakistan: Muslims burned Church While Christians were trapped inside – Hundreds of Muslims celebrate the attack outside the ruined church

Hundreds of Muslims took to the streets of Pakistan to celebrate the attack.

The Islamic persecution of the Christian minority in Pakistan has become genocide.

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Watch this video carefully and you can see how Muslims in Pakistan oppress and persecute Pakistani Christians.

You can also see how they destroy Churches and insult Holy Bible.

Pakistani Government created a satanic law known as “Blasphemy Law”.

And the sole purpose of this law is extermination of Christians. I want to ask, should people respect Pakistan or Pakistani Muslims?

Do they deserve to receive aid from predominantly Christian Western Countries?

Just yesterday in the National Assembly of Pakistan, Captain Safdar (Son in law of Former Pakistani Prime Minister) said that Christians should never get any important position in military or government.

Tahir ul Qadri killed Governor of Punjab Province of Pakistan just because he said that blasphemy law is a “black law”.

Qadri is considered as a hero and saint by Pakistani Muslims.

I can’t understand why the world give respect to Pakistan? Why this country is not treated as a terrorist country? why are there no sanctions on this hub of terrorism.

People who burned the Church and Christian School can be seen clearly in the video but none of them were arrested or punished. Instead, they were appreciated by Pakistani Government.

So called Pakistani Muslim human rights organizations and so called human rights commission of Pakistan take no action on incidents like this because their mindset is the same like those who burnt the Church.

But when they go to Western Countries and United Nations, they make everyone fool and receive billions of dollars in aid.

Everyone knows that Pakistan use that aid money for terrorism and extremism.

This is the real face of Pakistan.

Now is the time for the world to rise against this terrorist country


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