Feminist Shops At Somali Store To Support Migrants, Gets Brutal ‘Thanks’ From Muslim Owner

To show her support for the local Somali Muslims, a liberal feminist walked into a migrant-run store to show support for her new neighbors. However, as soon as she picked up an item for purchase, she was met with the brutal consequences of her decision, courtesy of the store owner himself.

Despite the undeniable warnings, the left continues to align themselves with Muslims whose religious texts and laws prohibit nearly every aspect of the liberal platform. Perhaps the most self-deprecating is the liberal feminist, who supports the very ideology which teaches that women are “deficient” and men are “in charge of women by right.” Unfortunately, it often takes the subjugation of such women to Islam’s misogynistic oppression for them to recognize the flaw in their agenda.

In an effort to practice what she preached, feminist activist Soheila Fors believed that the best way to show her solidarity with the local Somali Muslim community was to financially support their businesses. Seeing Islamization as a progressive movement that promotes women’s rights, she headed to a Somali shop in her home country, Sweden, hoping to hand over her money in exchange for their handmade goods. What she received instead not only proved her ignorance but Islam’s real treatment of women.

Sweden’s News 24 reports that Fors browsed the beautiful foreign dresses in the Somali shop before choosing one to purchase. As soon as she made it known that she wanted to buy the dress, the Somali Muslim show owner confronted her, refusing her service because she is a non-Muslim woman who refuses to wear a hijab.

“One day I went to a city and visited a Somali shop. I know they usually have gorgeous patterned dresses. The woman in the store showed me where they had theirs and I found one that I liked. As I stood at the dresses, a man came in who must have been the store owner and said in Somali, ‘We do not sell to her. She has no hijab.’” Fors said.

Fors explained that the saleswoman immediately corrected her disobedient behavior, informing her that she cannot purchase any merchandise.

“He left. The woman turned to me and said, ‘Unfortunately, you can not buy it.’ ‘Imagine going to a store and not buying food and milk,’ I replied. ‘Sweden is a democracy,’ she replied. ‘Yes, yes, it’s a democracy. I’ll get in with or without hijab,’” Fors responded.

Fors stated that she was forced to leave the store, angry that she had been discriminated against in her own country, according to Fria Tider. She added that she felt like she “had returned to Iran’s religious oppression” and was outraged that the Muslim owner adhered to Sharia law instead of assimilating to Swedish culture.

“Imagine the social drive and the outrage that would arise if a Swedish business discriminated against someone because of clothing, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Or does religious freedom and democracy mean that some have the right to discriminate?” Fors exclaimed.

Fors posted her story to social media but refused to name the store and city because, as she explained, she doesn’t want them to be in trouble with the law.

“Many have demanded that I report the discrimination. I will not report this because I know for sure that a notification will already affect vulnerable women today. A notification will also lead to conflicts between my countrymen and the Somali group,” Fors wrote. “There are other ways to go that are legal. For example, we can use our consumer power. We will make sure that business owners do not discriminate against customers before doing business with them.”

Sharia law doesn’t offer women a choice in clothing. In fact, it prescribes fines, lashing, and imprisonment for women who don’t cover themselves modestly enough. As for inside the home, Quran 4:34 commands men to “beat those wives from who you fear arrogance,” just as the prophet Muhammad struck Aisha and caused her “great pain” for leaving the house without his permission.

If feminists truly want to embrace Islam, they must be “devoutly obedient” to men, as the Quran commands, and admit that they are “deficient” in their intelligence and religious practice. They must wear the hijab as the Quran tells men to order their wives to wear it, and they must fulfill all the sexual desires of their husband, regardless of their own feelings on the matter. In short, they must abandon their feminist label for submission since everything they stand for is directly against the teachings and laws of Islam.


4 thoughts on “Feminist Shops At Somali Store To Support Migrants, Gets Brutal ‘Thanks’ From Muslim Owner”

  1. Stupid, stupid woman. Of course you can’t discriminate against them, but they can most certainly discriminate against you. They are the racists, NOT you. It doesn’t matter how much respect you give to a rabid dog, it will still bite you in the arse!

  2. did the swedes chose to bring them or like the Canadians who have a prime minster who is a Muslim supporter and is flooding our country whelter we like it or not ,and how do we get rid of the liberals we can’t because of govt. general isn’t doing her job because she has to begin the action but she’s in his pocket also

  3. lets see she wont report who or where they are so they wont get in trouble im calling bullshit this never happened and the bitch wants her 15 minutes of fame and if it did happen then good then they get what they deserve you want to embrace a volatile ideology then live with your choices .

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