This Wounded Marine Vet is Now on the Cover of ESPN’s “The Body” Issue [VIDEO]

When people think of ESPN Magazine’s “The Body” issue, they usually think of perfectly sculpted bodies of multi-million dollar athletes. This year, the magazine went with another type of perfect body to grace their cover, that of a wounded Marine veteran turned mountain climber and competitive snowboarder named Kirstie Ennis. [Scroll Down For Video] Ennis […]


Anti-American Anthem Singer Raises Black Power Fist On Field – BAD Move With Who Was Over His Shoulder

After over 200 players around the National Football League spit on our faces and took a knee during the National Anthem on Sunday following President Donald Trump’s common sense comments regarding the anti-American protesters in the NFL, it seems more than just players decided to get in on the publicity stunt by disrespecting our flag, nation, and […]


Full List Of NFL Players Who Disgraced National Anthem Opening Weekend Spells Doom For NFL

Here are the players who protested in Week 1 according to ESPN who compiled the scandalous list. Seattle Seahawks: Defensive lineman Michael Bennett sat during the national anthem before their game against the Green Bay Packers. Justin Britt stood next to him with a hand on Bennett’s shoulder in a show of support. Running back Thomas Rawls […]


Browns Just Got Devastating News From Ohio Supreme Court Justice After Players Continued To Protest

When even Democrats start speaking out against a so-called protest youknow you’re on the losing side. Justice Bill O’Neill of the Ohio State Supreme Court posted a heated Facebook status Tuesday in response to the failed unemployed 49er’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the 12 Cleveland Browns players who took it upon themselves to join Kaepernick by […]


‘Conor got hit so hard his snot came out like a Nike tick’: Twitter erupts with memes as ‘Money’ Mayweather knocks out Conor McGregor in the tenth round

Even the Fight of the Century wasn’t exempt from an inevitable onslaught of memes, poking fun and ridicule. Social media erupted with hilarious pictures mocking Conor McGregor after his historic defeat to Floyd Mayweather. He brutalized McGregor in the 10th round, landing numerous shots and chasing McGregor around the ring until referee Robert Byrd saved […]


The New Face Of NFL Anthem Protests Just Called Out ‘White Players’

With the jury still out on the Oakland Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch because of questions surrounding rust and conditioning following a yearlong hiatus, the Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett has officially become the most prominent face of the NFL’s national anthem protests. And Bennett has wasted little time in establishing himself as the voice of this movement. […]