Swedish Government Announces Military, Police And Firefighters To Wear Hijab

While the western world continues debating whether it is acceptable for women in society to completely cover their face for religious reasons, Sweden’s socialist government has announced that members of its police force, military and fire service will soon be wearing the Islamic hijab. In 2011, Iman Aldebe created a stir by designing the first uniform […]


John Lewis becomes first retailer to ditch ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ labels from children’s clothes

John Lewis has become the first major department store to ditch ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ labels from children’s clothing. The chain has also removed ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ signs from the childrenswear sections at the store to avoid ‘reinforcing gender stereotypes’. From now on, labels on the clothing will say either ‘Boys & Girls or ‘Girls & […]